Smile Saver Plan


Genesee Dental believes that "prevention is the best medicine." In an effort to reinforce that philosophy, Genesee Dental is offering the "Smile Saver Plan." The "Smile Saver Plan" is for patients without insurance, but who are conscientious about their oral health. With regular check-ups through the "Smile Saver Plan," most dental problems can be detected while they are still small.

The "Smile Saver Plan" includes:

  • Two standard cleanings per year
  • One periodic exam per year
  • All necessary cavity check x-rays (orthodontic work-ups excluded)
  • Two fluoride treatments per year (18 and under only)

In addition to your standard cleaning appointments, the plan also includes (at no additional cost):

  • Emergency examinations
  • Emergency x-rays
  • 20% cash discount off of our standard fees

The "Smile Saver Plan" can be purchased for:

  • $250 per adult patients (12 and older)
  • $200 per child (11 and under)

Example of cost savings:
2 cleanings per year @ $110 each = $220
1 exam per year @ $65 = $65
4 bitewing x-rays = $70
TOTAL = $355
Savings with Smile Saver = $150 (or more for children)

Treat yourself to a healthy smile - take advantage of the Smile Saver Plan today!

The Genesee Dental Smile Saver Plan is an in-house discount plan and is only valid at Genesee Dental. It is not transferable to other dental offices or specialists. No refunds will be given after plan is purchased. Plan is valid for one year from date of purchase. This plan cannot be combined with other offers or discounts, including senior discounts.
Smile Saver Plan

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