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When’s the last time you had your teeth professionally cleaned at a dentist’s office? There are several reasons you’ll benefit from routine dental exams. First, your teeth will be cleaned, polished and brightened. Next, bad breath will be reduced. Also, cavities and tooth loss will be prevented. Finally, your overall health will be boosted.

Dental cleanings and exams are important because they involve checking for any problems that could cause you pain and headaches in the months and years to come. For instance, a dentist and his or her staff can evaluate your mouth for gum disease, oral cancer, tumors, cysts, bone loss, and more. Tooth decay can be dealt with, and existing restorations, such as fillings and crowns, will be checked to see if they’re in good shape. Cleanings, meanwhile, remove calculus (tartar) and plaque.

If you ignore your teeth, expect problems to develop over time. It’s so important to routinely see your dentist if you want to have a healthy mouth, and, in turn, a healthy life.

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Routine cleanings are helpful because they’ll prevent dental issues. What are some of those issues? Well, you don’t want gum disease (which is linked to cardiovascular disease), and you want to know if you have a cavity that needs filling so you won’t have to suffer in pain.

Cleanings (and exams) will help prevent loss of teeth, bad breath and more. Plus, you should be screened for oral cancer, “just in case.” Expectant mothers should be checked for infections and gum disease in order to prevent pregnancy complications. What’s more, dental issues can lead to overall health issues, so if the dentist can fix the problem in the mouth, then it won’t easily spread elsewhere. You don’t want harmful germs and substances in your bloodstream.

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Good oral hygiene is now more important than ever, especially with the foods we eat loaded with dyes, sugars and more. If you don’t take care of your teeth, who will? Routine cleanings at Genesee Dental make sense– consider these cleanings (and exams) to be as vital as a car needing an oil change or a house needing a roof.

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