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The thought of having to sit in the dentist’s chair can be overwhelming for some patients and serve as a source of anxiety. For others with sensitive gums and teeth, the sensation of having dental work done can feel excruciating. Either way, if you fall under that umbrella, there’s a safe and effective way to provide you with the dental services you need, minus the stress, anxiety and pain.

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Genesee Dental has the experience and expertise to provide our patients with sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry, which is sometimes called conscious dentistry, involves using either nitrous oxide (sometimes called laughing gas) or sedatives to reduce pain and anxiety in patients and allow dentists to provide them with the care they need. Notably, your sedation dentist can provide you with all the care you need in just one or two appointments. Sedation dentistry is convenient and painless, and is the answer to combating the extreme anxiety you may feel about going to the dentist.A

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Other potential candidates for sedation dentistry include those who have experienced traumatic dental incidents in the past, have gag reflex issues, or have a limited timeframe to complete the dental care you need. As well, patients who detest needles or shots, or are embarrassed about the state of their teeth could also qualify for sedation dentistry.

Wisdom teeth removal, extractions and root canals are examples of procedures where you may want to consider the benefits of sedation dentistry. However, it’s important to note that you need to be driven home by another licensed driver after your appointment.

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