Tooth Extraction

Just hearing the words “tooth extraction” is enough to make you shiver. However, in some cases tooth extraction is the best course of action, and thanks to modern medicine, the procedure can be done without causing too much discomfort. In fact, there are two types of procedures, simple and surgical extractions, and regardless of which one you need, your dentist will make sure you’re as comfortable as can be before having it removed.

Common Reasons for
Tooth Extraction

Often, a damaged tooth can be patched together with a filling, a crown or some other treatment. However, if there is too much damage and decay, extraction may be the only option left. Here are examples of reasons why you may need a tooth extracted:

  • Tooth decay has reached an untenable level
  • Your mouth has become crowded with too many teeth, which causes them to grow at different angles, thereby increasing the odds of tooth decay and inflammation to your gums
  • Your baby teeth do not fall out in a timely fashion
  • A certain tooth is at a high risk for infection
  • It’s determined your wisdom teeth need to be removed
Fast Professional Care

After you have a tooth extracted, you’ll want to rest and may need to take over the counter pain medication for relief. You may also likely need to routinely place gauze in your mouth to stop bleeding, your mouth may be swollen, and it may be difficult to eat solid foods. However, after a few days you’ll be healed, but make sure to follow the instructions closely to avoid developing an infection.

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