Tooth Restoration

Dealing with
a Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is often a traumatic experience that occurs from a collision with a powerful force. Whether it’s from playing sports, being involved in a nasty car accident, or some other sort of impact, it is often a strenuous ordeal to go through. As well, it could occur from old cavities and fillings breaking down. Whatever the case, it’s vital to go to the dentist’s office right away.

If a tooth breaks on you, you should try to gather the tooth or broken pieces, then rinse it with clean water. After it dries, store it a clean container and bring it with you when you go to see the dentist. You may want to ice the area to reduce swelling and take over the counter pain medication if it’s causing you discomfort. If bleeding seems excessive or you can see the tissue beneath the missing tooth, then you should go to a dentist as soon as possible.

Treatments for a
Broken Tooth

At Genesee Dental, we’ll determine the best course of action as far as replacing your tooth. If it’s only a small part of the tooth, we can replace it with a simple filling, and if it’s bigger, we may be able to use a crown to stabilize the tooth’s structure. In the event of an infected pulp, you may need a root canal done first.

For broken front teeth, we can provide you with a dental veneer or a dental implant that will blend in seamlessly with your “real” teeth. In fact, the technology for implants have come a long way and many patients comment that they are pleasantly surprised at how much they look and feel real.

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