Crowns (Caps)

An Overview of Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Batavia NY

Essentially, a dental crown is a covering that encases your entire tooth structure so it is restored to its original size and shape. When fillings or other restorations aren’t the answer for strengthening your tooth structure, a crown is the logical choice. Today’s porcelain “tooth colored” crowns blend in so well with your existing teeth that you probably won’t even notice the crown in your mouth after it has been in there a couple days.

Why do people need crowns? Well, if they’re royalty, they should have one… but in the case of dentistry, a crown is usually needed after a person has had a root canal. Other reasons can include decayed teeth, fractured fillings, giant cavities, broken/fractured teeth, or simply for cosmetic enhancement.

Getting a crown usually involves two appointments. The first involves taking an impression in order to have an accurate mold made to then have the crown manufactured. You’ll get a temporary crown put in for about two weeks until your final crown is received from the dental lab and ready for installation.

Your dentist will prepare your tooth to be crowned. He or she removes decay and shapes the surface as needed. Eventually, the final crown is cemented in/on and the dentist checks to make sure your bite is accurate.

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What have you heard about crowns? Sometimes people get very nervous about the idea of having a crown “put in.” You can, however, be assured that the process isn’t as scary as you might think. At Genesee Dental, we’ll make the process as comfortable and painless as possible for you. Once the crown is in, and checked by the dentist, you’ll probably forget it’s even there as you go about your business for days… and years ahead!

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