Digital X-Rays

X-Rays Are a Vital Part Of Your Dental Care

Dental X-Rays in Batavia NY

Use a mirror and take a look inside your mouth. You can only see what your eyes can see. You and your dentist can’t easily see what’s underneath gums and teeth, down to “the roots.” Thankfully, though, dental X-rays make it possible for a dentist to see what’s truly going on “down there” beneath the surface. After all, some oral diseases aren’t visible to the naked eye. X-rays tell us a lot about oral health, and potential problems. With early detection, a dentist can give you treatment before problems get ugly.

Some people worry about radiation exposure from dental X-rays, but there’s no need to worry-- the exposure is as low and brief as possible. Protective aprons/collars are used to further limit a patient’s exposure. Dental X-rays are safe.

What can dental X-rays find? They can show whether or not you have bone loss, cysts (or abscesses), cancerous/non-cancerous tumors, decay between teeth, any developmental abnormalities, poor tooth/root positions, and problems inside teeth or below the gum line. See why they’re essential?

Maybe it has been a long time since a dentist has checked your mouth… and perhaps it has been years since X-rays have been taken. Or maybe you’re on a schedule to get them every couple visits/every couple years. It’s a good idea to discuss the need for X-rays with your dentist, and get them done often enough to notice any potential problems.

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