FREE Teeth Whitening

FREE Teeth Whitening with Exam & Cleaning

Enjoy Free Teeth Whitening Services With Your Next Dental Exam!

Genesee Dental offers personal, professional, and comfortable care. In addition, we are now proud to offer free teeth whitening services with any dental exam!

Whether you're self-conscious about the color of your teeth or you simply want your smile to look its absolute best, professional teeth whitening services will help you gain more confidence.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

You might be wondering what the difference is between having a dentist's office perform teeth whitening services versus products you can buy at any supermarket or drug store. The primary reason it's better to have a dentist's office perform teeth whitening is you'll enjoy superior results. Our methods provide a more thorough whitening, especially if you have old, deep stains on your teeth. What's more, our teeth whitening provides rapid results versus over-the-counter options that often take weeks only to let you down with subpar outcomes.

We also tailor our services to suit the exact needs of each patient, unlike cookie-cutter products that are designed for the general population.

Put simply, it's easier and safer to have a dentist do it, and you experience much, much better results!

And the best part of choosing Genesee Dental is your teeth whitening services are FREE with the purchase of a dental exam. So you can finish off a dental visit with free teeth whitening services that will boost your self-esteem and have people complimenting your smile the minute you leave our office.

Call our office today at (585) 343-1113 to schedule your next exam and redeem your free teeth whitening.




"Simply put...The best Dental office anywhere. Dr. Calos and staff are amazing, they put you at ease and answer all your questions. It's a great experience."

- Stephen Q., Genesee Dental Patient

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