Chipped Tooth

Chipped Tooth

Few things are more obnoxious than chipping a tooth. It can also be quite painful, depending on how the chip occurred. Although the pain varies, you should go see a dentist anytime you chip one, even if you are not experiencing any pain. If you ignore the issue, you could develop an infection, and turn a smaller issue into a graver one.

Dentist for Chipped Teeth in Batavia, NY

Chipped teeth are much more common than you think, especially if the tooth was already starting to decay. Sometimes it happens due to an unforeseen variable, like cracking it on a bottle or getting hit with an object or biting down on a hard food. Regardless of how it happened to you, the dental experts at Genesee Dental are here to help.  It’s essential that you see a dentist as soon as possible when you chip a tooth, since waiting too long could cause you to lose it entirely.

How Chipped Teeth Are Repaired

Like many dental treatments, how your chipped tooth is repaired is dependent on how severe the break or crack is. If it’s something small, we may be able to fix it with dental bonding, a veneer or a filling; more severe ones may require a dental crown or a cap, which are made from an array of materials, including metal, ceramic, resin or porcelain. The technologies have improved drastically over the years, and your tooth will look as natural as ever.

If you fractured your tooth at the root, we may have to do a root canal first. The most important thing is that you see a dentist and don’t ignore the pain or put off having it fixed; remember, only your dentist will be able to know for sure if there was damage to the root of your tooth and if you’re at risk for an infection.

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