How to Help Your Child Get Used to Braces

BracesAlong with school, braces are another word no child ever wants to hear. However, sometimes they are unavoidable, leaving your kid dreading going to school and interacting with friends. To make the transition smoother, here are a couple helpful tips to help your young one get past the negative stigma of having braces.


When you or your dentist tells your child they are going to need braces, they may think you’re trying to ruin their life. This is obviously not the case. To lower their fears, have you or the dentist should clearly explain why they are going to need them as well as the benefits of having them. We see this all the time at Genesee Dental, and we understand that your son or daughter may be anxious about braces. If they clearly understand why they need them, though, they may understand the long-term benefits and gains.

Make Them Comfortable

Braces can be very uncomfortable for a child. To make sure they don’t experience any discomfort, arm yourself with the proper tools so they can easily care for their teeth. This means stocking up on supplies like orthodontic wax, topical pain relievers and soft foods for the days after adjustments or especially painful days. Don’t forget to have over-the-counter pain medication available for when the pain is particularly unbearable.

Keep It Fun

Don’t let braces bring your child down. There are some ways to try and make them fun, like having colored rubber bands or even glow-in-the-dark material used in the braces. This can make your child think of it more as a fun addition to their smile instead of an inconvenience.


When it comes time to take off the braces, make it a point to celebrate it. Wearing braces can be stressful, uncomfortable and sometimes painful, so having them removed should be a day to celebrate! Plan out what to do in advance and make it something your son or daughter can look forward to and make the date a goal to help make getting through the tough days easier.

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