Top Tips for Cleaning Dentures

If you have or are considering getting dentures, one of your top questions is probably how you keep them clean. Unlike your natural teeth, dentures shouldn’t be brushed with a toothbrush; they require special care to keep them looking good and lasting for years of use. Here are a few tips for keeping your dentures in great shape.

Wash and Rinse

After eating, you should remove your dentures and rinse them off to get rid of any loose food particles that may have gotten stuck to them during your meal. As dentures can be fragile, be careful while handling them near the sink. Putting down a towel on or near the sink is a great way to help keep a good spot for them to dry handy, plus offers a bit of cushioning in case you lose your grip.

Brush Them Off

Although using a toothbrush is problematic as we mentioned above, you should still brush your dentures daily. Toothpaste has small particles that are great for cleaning teeth, but these abrasive elements can scratch and wear dentures. Use a specially formulated denture paste or other cleaner and a soft-bristled brush that’s designed to clean dentures for the best results. Hand soap or even mild dishwashing soap can be a good option, notes WebMD.

Soak Overnight

Just as you’ve always seen in sitcoms and other programs, you should remove your dentures overnight and soak them in a cleaning solution. Each set of dentures is different, so the exact method that’s best will depend on your dentist’s recommendations and the manufacturer’s directions. This keeps dentures moist, preventing them from losing their shape. Make sure to follow the guidance you’re given to keep dentures looking great, but don’t forget to rinse them off before putting them back in. Some solutions contain chemicals that are great for your dentures, but can cause irritation or nausea if you accidentally ingest the fluid.

A dentist can give you even more care directions and help you determine the best course of action for your dentures. Contact Genesee Dental today at 585-343-1113 to learn more or schedule your next appointment now online.

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